The first day

2008 August 1


Welcome to my new blog. For more details about the kinds of things I expect to be writing about, please visit the “About This Site” page.

Apart from extra posts I may make sometimes, I’ll be writing on these days of the week. I’ll post usually about 6pm London time:-

  • Friday evenings: A general round-up of funny things I’ve found in the past week on the Internet. If inspiration strikes, this may include an original comedy series in time to come. Obviously this post isn’t one of them. Unless you find it funny, that is.
  • Saturday evenings: Series on one of the main topics of this blog. Starting tomorrow is an introduction to migraines for those fortunate not to suffer them. If you have friends, relatives or work colleagues with the condition, I hope this may help you better understand them.
  • Tuesday evenings: Posts from my personal life, mainly to keep friends up-to-date.
  • Thursday evenings: Posts looking at key news, politics or documentary stories from the last seven days.

Constructive and civil comments are welcome. All comments are moderated. If you want to contact me personally my e-mail address especially for this blog is porillion@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for visiting today.


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