Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 September 9

I’m back on Epilim (sodium valproate) after seeing my doctor on Friday. I showed him how the Wikipedia suggests the symptoms I have are visual snow. I showed him how visual snow can be symptomatic of persistent migraine aura (pma). And how it can in that circumstance be treatable with Epilim. And I said how a support forum I had contacted agreed that my symptoms matched theirs generally. And that many of them had been diagnosed with pma. He agreed with my assessment that it’s likely Epilim had been masking the visual symptoms. Also, given how my migraine rate shot up again on coming off, that it had been somewhat effective. So now we’ll see what happens. If Epilim is effective in my case, we’d expect:

  • My frequency of migraine to reduce,
  • My visual snow and related symptoms to reduce,
  • And possibly the severity of migraines to reduce.

Time will tell.








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