Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 September 17

There I was all ready to write that I’d had the first relatively pain free week for a month. Then I had a migraine again. Which is why today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. Not much else to add as I’ve spent most of this week just catching up on the last month’s chores. This is how I live… Lay about in pain unable to do anything… Do what little I can when the pain is less… Spend the rest of the time catching up.

In the last week, though, I’ve started getting similar pains in my lumber region as I have in my neck and shoulders. I’ve a vague recollection that I may have had this before. But if it continues a few more days and doesn’t go away, I guess I’ll have to see my GP. Hopefully, it’s just a bug or something.

My Incapacity Benefit now comes up for “normal review”. Which means I can probably expect to have to complete another Personal Capacity Assessment (PCA) questionnaire and undergo another medical. So I’ll need to bother my specialist about this so I can know what exactly to write on the PCA form. As not all my head pain is from migraines.

Meanwhile… Off to the shops to catch up on that…


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