Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 September 23

One of those rare things: A migraine-free week! This means I’m starting to catch up. Hurrah! Though my back is still playing me up from time to time. So I guess I’d better see my doc. (Hopefully by the time the appointment comes, it’ll be better so I can cancel and let someone else see him.)

Tomorrow the contractors come to do electrical testing in my flat for the housing trust. (A flat is an “appartment” for any American readers!) If I haven’t mentioned it before, it’s because they gave just a few days’ notice. This is common practice for the housing trust. Though sometimes they give a day or two’s notice. Back when I was working in my local university this period end of September to New Year was the busy one. So I wouldn’t have been able to get time off to supervise. Still, hopefully all will pass smoothly.

In the letter it says, “The electrical testing … can take between 4-6 hours to complete … If any defects are found on an electrical installation, another visit may be necessary in order to rectify.”

Which leaves me wondering:

  • What do they do for 4 to 6 hours to test 18 plug sockets, 5 light fixtures and two plummed-in points? Do the same contractors do roadworks?
  • If they find a fault, do I get left without power? “Er, sorry sir, we’ve found a fault. Is a week next Tuesday good for you?”


  1. Hello friend,
    I hope all the pain will abandon you as soon as possible…and get back to 100% fitness… 🙂

    I shared the same thought with you regarding the labor services in UK. It seems that the most services are not time-efficient, especially the NHS.

  2. Thank you. It seems to be a mixed bag at the moment. The known migraines (with aura prior to the pain phase) may be responding to epilim. (Though a few more weeks may have to pass before I can be sure, and by how much.) But the neck and shoulder problem isn’t. And I’m worried about whether my back stiffness and discomfort is related.

    I think the inefficiencies in the NHS are the price we pay for the service being generally free at the point of delivery. Given how I have American friends in support forums who have run out of health insurance and now get little or no help, I’ll take the time delays!

    Take care.

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