Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 October 21

Having a small “financials” week: Going through my spending to see what I can save. (I do the big one, which usually involves looking at switching energy supplier, in November.) My main aim was to juggle finances so I could spend £5 extra a month to upgrade from 5Gb to unlimited bandwidth on broadband. Only. The Post Office say they don’t allow customers to upgrade until their one year contract comes up for renewal. So, although I want to pay them about £60 a year more, they don’t want my money until May next year.

Never mind, I’ll put the £25 or so I saved into my ISA. But what a strange way to run a business. I could understand them not wanting to allow someone to downgrade an account, but upgrade? Ah well.

On an unrelated note, I was meant to go to my first mindfulness afternoon at my local Buddhist sangha group on Sunday. Sadly, the inevitable happened and I had a migraine. In any event, when I went for a short walk in the afternoon to clear my head, my back went again. So I probably wouldn’t have even made my local rail station anyway. It’s frustrating how my health is preventing me doing what I want, never mind what I should do.

I only hope when I get my physiotherapy appointment through, it’s in my local hospital.


  1. Hi Porillion, thank you so much for the great advice and comments on my blog page. I really appreciate it and I have indeed taken it to heart.

    It is rather strange that a company would not want you to upgrade and pay them more money, haha. Funny that is. Maybe it’s because they want to handle all of the request at the same time…which may have something to do with staffing…I dunno. Strange indeed.

    You know, even though you have had some serious medical problems over the years, you always seem so calm and clear-minded in your posts. I admire that about you.

    Stay in high spirits and I will do the same. Namaste!

  2. Thank you, Dharmakid.

    I guess I’ll have to “budget” my bandwidth for now. No web2.0 for me! But it does strike me as odd. The supermarkets here, I’ve noticed, often remove items that sell well from the shelves rather, I guess, than re-stock them often! (And don’t always replace them with own-brand products.)

    I do try to keep calm and clear-minded. Sometimes when a personal crisis strikes I can be agitated and anxious. Until I can figure out what to do, and then I calm down. At that point I can usually reason out whether that decision is the best. And if need be I can then change it. I suppose that’s a skill I’ve learnt. But it can be summed up by the sentiment:-

    Don’t worry. If you can do something about it, worrying doesn’t help; just do what you can. If you can’t do something about it, worrying doesn’t help; just move on.

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