Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 November 4

My sister visited last week. It was nice to go out for a drive. It’s surprising what you can get used to not doing after a while. We had thought to go collecting chestnuts from the edge of the public woods. But there weren’t many and what there were were small.

My back isn’t anything serious (unless my specialist says otherwise when I see him in a three weeks). Just stressed nerves from the change to a more sedentary lifestyle. The physiotherapist is a lovely young woman. She’d just moved to my home town to fill the post, and it was her first day! And she got me, poor thing! She’s given me some exercises to do to help relax the muscles, and suggested I work through any pain rather than resting.

Now I’m off to contemplate staying up to watch at least the East Coast results come in of the US election. I wouldn’t normally, being a Brit and five hours plus ahead. But this isn’t an ordinary election.


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