Tuesday Round-up for Friends

2008 November 18

One of the most frustrating things about migraine, frequent or not, are how they stop you doing things. Things you must do. Things you should do. Things you’d like to do. You can prioritise your life; but migraines just stop you indiscriminately. I’ve more or less now given up for the time being doing anything that involves travelling – even just a few miles. I don’t drive (and recently gave up my licence voluntarily because of my health). So I rely on public transport. That means if I fall ill, it can be some time before I get home again. Or, if I decide to find somewhere quiet to hole up, I could be very ill and having to travel on the last bus or train home. And that’s if I can find somewhere to hole up. Not a problem, perhaps, if you get one or two a month. But when you get one or two or three or more a week, things get more complicated.

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