Student Doctors & My Neurologist (2nd Correction)

2009 June 2

This last eight days has seen a lot of changes for me. Last Tuesday I had my last appointment with my neurologist. He has now done as much as he can to control the pain symptoms of my migraine. These come from damage to my neck. My prescription of the anti-epileptic drug Epilim (sodium valproate) has helped the pain migraines. But I still suffer a lot of debilitating non-pain migraine with aura. At least things are going in the right direction. Though I seem to again be in a cluster of attacks.

On a much more positive note, today I sat in with some student doctors. Some months ago my GP (family doctor) asked if I would do so. They asked me a lot of questions about the “complicated migraine” I suffer. This gave me an opportunity to also talk about the fact I am unable to visualise (see things in my “mind’s eye”). And that I have no visual episodic memory (memory for life events). I talk about this further in the Visualisation FAQs page, and the series linked to there. My hope is that this may bring it to the attention of neurology researchers.

If you have any combination of these symptoms, I would like to hear from you. You can either comment – there is a discussion at the end of “Cannot Visualise (Part Three)“. Or you can, if you prefer, e-mail me privately at nospamporillion@hotmail.co.uk – just remove the “nospam” part!

(I’ve corrected the e-mail address above.)

(Oops! I forgot to add the combination of symptoms. If you have any combination of these symptoms…):-

  • Migraine, and/or,
  • Persistent aura, and/or,
  • Visual snow, and/or,
  • Inability or poor ability to visualise, and/or,
  • Poor visual episodic memory.

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