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News: vCJD Affects First Person with “Different” Gene | Relief Hope for Tinnitus

2009 December 18

Before I take my Christmas and short New Year break, I wanted to post two news items from today:

CJD victim ‘had different gene’. A 30-year-old man thought to have died in January from vCJD belonged to a genetic group that had not shown any signs of the disease, scientists say … They estimate that up to 350 people in this group could get vCJD.

[Please note: I am not suggesting that this has any connection with migraine, visual snow or the visualisation and memory problems that at the main topics of this site. I have added it, because I suspect a lot of misunderstanding will come about with people thinking a major epidemic of “mad cow disease” in people will arise.]

Early treatment hope for tinnitus. Research has raised the possibility of successfully treating the ear-ringing disorder tinnitus soon after its onset. Some forms of the condition are associated with spontaneous nerve activity in the brain.

[This story on tinnitus may be of interest to readers with “visual snow”, for which tinnitus can be a common problem.]

I want to wish you all season’s greetings and a happy and healthy New Year.


Up-coming Disruption to Posts

2009 December 4

I am moving home over the next week, and so may not be able to make the Daily Migraine News posts every day. I apologise in advance for this.