I am going to a “Memory Clinic” next week

2010 September 2

Readers of this site will know that along with “complicated migraine”, I am unable to visualize at all (I cannot “see” anything in my “mind’s eye”) and that this severely affects my episodic memory (memory of life events), especially where there is a visual component or such as learning in a visual environment. After the two years that the site has been up, it is apparent that there are others like me – though it may be that the percentage of the general population is quite small (or that it is larger, but people who have this issue are unaware that it is not normal). I myself used to have an excellent memory with excellent visual recall and visualization; others report they never had this.

You can read more about this in the FAQ page on visualization, which includes links to a series giving more information: https://porillion.wordpress.com/visualisation-faqs/

Next week, I am attending a memory clinic at a local hospital to look into my memory deficit. As far as I am aware, without carefully re-reading the comments (and given that I, um, have a bad memory!), I am the only person to have been medically examined for this. I will update you with any result (or lack thereof) when I have the outcome.


  1. fantastic to hear that at least you’re getting some tests done. I’m sure you’ll be able to give a good reasoned review of what goes on too. Most interesting.

    • Hi, again, Jiva,

      Thank you for your support. I owe you (and all my other “real world” friends) an e-mail.

      Take care.

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