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Roll-out of the Headwise Project site

2011 March 25

I am removing the test page, and starting to upload the pages for the Headwise Project. As the home and “known issues” pages will say, you should not expect all the links to work during this time.

You can visit the new site here:


Test Page for the Headwise Site

2011 March 8

You can see the test page for the headwise website here:

Please note that almost none of the links work. The design is intended to be web standard compliant and accessible, which is why I am keeping it simple. If you have any constructive comments on the page design, I’d be happy to receive them to this post.



Announcing the Headwise Project Roll-out

2011 March 4

Post created: 2011 March 04th Friday.

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I am now going ahead with the Headwise Project roll-out. You can find a full list of the planned stages here: Headwise Project Page.

Headwise will slowly replace Porillion; this site. I will be including updated information that appears here about Persistent Visualization Deficit, Visual Snow and Migraine. I hope a community will slowly build up around the site who will assist in its maintenance. If that happens, then we can expand the coverage to include other head-health related information.

I will include a support forum, initially for Persistent Visualization Deficit. Other support may be offered upon request.

I will add more information in new posts as things progress.


I am back online

2011 March 2

I am back online and able to reply to e-mails and approve comments, subject to the usual little delay.