Suspension of Porillion and the Headwise Project

2011 April 20

I am sorry to say that I am having to suspend work on both the Headwise Project roll-out and this site for the time being because of a major family crisis. It is possible that I may lose Internet access at least for the short-term and may not be able to respond to comments or update this site. I will update you if I can as things progress.

It is my intention once the crisis is over, if I am able, to continue work on these projects. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to get some support from the site as it stands and refer you to the forums listed in the FAQ pages where you can contact others.

Kind regards.


  1. Hi,

    Sorry to hear about your crisis. I hope you have a good resolution to it soon.

    I check in to your site every few months…thank you again for your efforts in putting together information for low-/non-visualizers.

    • Hi, Lina,

      Thank you for your kindness. Sadly, at the moment, this doesn’t look like it will end soon. As there’s also a risk I’ll lose Internet for a while, it doesn’t seem fair to press on until this is resolved.

      Take care.

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