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UK: Lights Out in Five Years

2008 September 18

In last week’s Thursday Post, we looked at the UK government scheme to help households with rising fuel prices. We saw that a deal was struck with privately-owned energy companies. And we saw that straight away those companies hinted they would pass on the costs to households.

We also saw that the UK government said they allowed the companies to keep huge windfalls to finance future power generation. And we also saw that a National Housing Federation report warned the companies were instead passing the windfall on to shareholders.

This week, how energy companies are:

  • Charging consumers £1Bn a year in bills for wind farms that aren’t being built fast enough,
  • Yet we will have blackouts as early as five years from now, because
  • The companies cannot build nuclear plants fast enough to meet the government programme, and yet
  • Despite saying publicly the nuclear industry must fund the building, taxpayers’ money is being offered.

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