Announcing the Sad Death of my Fiancee, Clare

2011 August 6

I am very sorry to announce the tragic death of my beloved Clare, just three weeks before we were due to be married.

As you can imagine, I am devastated by the loss which came after a relatively short unexpected illness. It is likely to be some time before I can continue with this site. And the change in financial circumstances that come with her loss may mean I have to give up the headwise website and stay writing just here.

Cherish the time you have with those you love, as you never know when or how you may lose them.

I am blogging about this at alonenearnorwich dot wordpress dot com


Suspension of Porillion and the Headwise Project

2011 April 20

I am sorry to say that I am having to suspend work on both the Headwise Project roll-out and this site for the time being because of a major family crisis. It is possible that I may lose Internet access at least for the short-term and may not be able to respond to comments or update this site. I will update you if I can as things progress.

It is my intention once the crisis is over, if I am able, to continue work on these projects. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to get some support from the site as it stands and refer you to the forums listed in the FAQ pages where you can contact others.

Kind regards.


I will be offline for the next few days.

2011 April 14

Due to a family crisis, which is also delaying the roll-out of the Headwise Project website, I will be offline for the next few days. This means I will not be able to approve comments or answer emails over that time. I apologize for the delay.



Roll-out of the Headwise Project site

2011 March 25

I am removing the test page, and starting to upload the pages for the Headwise Project. As the home and “known issues” pages will say, you should not expect all the links to work during this time.

You can visit the new site here: http://www.headwise.org


Test Page for the Headwise Site

2011 March 8

You can see the test page for the headwise website here: http://www.headwise.org/test.shtml

Please note that almost none of the links work. The design is intended to be web standard compliant and accessible, which is why I am keeping it simple. If you have any constructive comments on the page design, I’d be happy to receive them to this post.



Announcing the Headwise Project Roll-out

2011 March 4

Post created: 2011 March 04th Friday.

(This post is “sticky” and will appear at the top of the posts. Scroll down to read the latest post.)

I am now going ahead with the Headwise Project roll-out. You can find a full list of the planned stages here: Headwise Project Page.

Headwise will slowly replace Porillion; this site. I will be including updated information that appears here about Persistent Visualization Deficit, Visual Snow and Migraine. I hope a community will slowly build up around the site who will assist in its maintenance. If that happens, then we can expand the coverage to include other head-health related information.

I will include a support forum, initially for Persistent Visualization Deficit. Other support may be offered upon request.

I will add more information in new posts as things progress.


I am back online

2011 March 2

I am back online and able to reply to e-mails and approve comments, subject to the usual little delay.


I May be Offline for this Week

2011 February 20

I may be offline for the coming week and unable to approve posts or answer e-mails. I hope you’ll bear with me, and I’ll catch up as soon as I can next week.

Take care.



Updating the Site – Progress Report (Amended)

2011 February 8

Some time ago I announced that I was starting the process of updating this site. I also announced that I would like to start a support forum, specifically for those like me who were unable to visualize.

Here is a progress report.

I estimate I am about two-thirds of the way through reading what studies I have been able to find into visualization (the “mind’s eye” or “mental imagery”) online, including related items such as:-

  • Episodic memory (memory of life events),
  • VVIQ (“The Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire”),
  • Dreams,
  • Theory of Mind.

Unfortunately, my efforts are being hampered by numerous time consuming problems with the benefits people at the moment, as my partner has also fallen ill following an accident. But we are both soldiering on and I hope to begin pulling the research together by June, all being well.

Take care.


Supporting “The Broken of Britain”

2010 December 10

After consideration, I have decided to add a support link to the UK campaign to end discrimination against the disabled, The Broken of Britain:

The Broken of Britain logo

I am adding a link to the right-hand column. I should stress that I have no formal connection to the campaign or their blog and am not responsible for any content posted there. But I do support their broad aim and the quality of their posts to-date.